Open Council Data Platform (developers' preview)

The new platform that brings local government data together

  1. Australian councils publish data to their existing open data portals, following the Open Council Data standards.
  2. We aggregate the datasets here by topic: garbage collection zones, dog walking zones, public toilets, and so on. (Currently there are no regular updates.)
  3. Developers build apps that use this data directly. The hard work of finding and aggregating the datasets has already been done. When a new council publishes data in the right format, your app automatically works for that council.

Please note: This platform is in early development, by Steve Bennett (City of Melbourne). It is definitely not ready for commercial applications. Data may be missing or broken. The APIs may become unavailable at any moment.

Govhackers: You should definitely talk to Steve Bennett (at GovHack Melbourne, or in the GovHack Slack, @steve_cityofmelbourne) before jumping into this challenge.

Want to play anyway? Jump to Getting Started.